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Goblet of Stars

Guided by the oracle, the wiseman called
to gods and goddesses to aid his quest
In search for knowledge, he was told
a heavenly vessel should look for

Arose then Nyx to lay it's blackened map
over the lands and seas and river banks;
And with the light of stars drew in the sky
the path that led to the inner mind

Wrapt in silvery waves,
Guarded by a snake and a raven
there stood,

Marble light enshrouded,
Under moonlight beam
there shone,

by stars fashion'd the cup
that held wisdom of yore
carved in language olden

And from the argentine chalice rose a spirit
that spake with the ringing of a lyre
and sang an orphic elegy

"Listen to the death knell,
it tolls for your doom;
Its bizarre pealing speaks
of a known and unknown truth:

You are but a thought,
drifting alone
across oceans of naught.

The shimmer of a distant star,
seen through the mists of night
and passing clouds.

Gods and firmaments,
Streams and mounds,
Ground and cloudlets,
None of it is real!"

Beckon'd by this celestial blooming,
stellar spell of radiant wonder
yearning to hold its majesty
drank the heavens to the abysses
became the source of all light
Now blackness enshrouds me


from El Horror Cósmico (Split Hellige​/​Lengua Mortuoria), released June 4, 2013



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Hellige Argentina

Black/Doom Metal duo from Argentina.

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