by Hellige

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released February 9, 2012




Hellige Argentina

Black/Doom Metal duo from Argentina.

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Track Name: Degraded to Mortals
Cast from aught and set ablaze
Wrought from larvae into gods
Elder beings clutch and mould
A demiurge host to be the great

Lying aloft the radiant blaze
of stars' welkin in clusters lost
The youngers' zeal births a plot
from crescent lewdness to grow sway

And in arrogant defiance
Rise to face their makers
Who look down and thus sentence

Corrupted mind-haze
A lingering grace
Withers and fades

Father's of greed
-Fall into sleep
Degraded to mortals
in a quivering gust
Fallen from grace
Back into dust
Track Name: The Rotten Waste
A waning moon brings forth a dewless dawn
Creep the rays of light throughout the sky
Reaching the clouds and stars with it's grasp
Dims the night, celestial passerby

The roar of an ancient god, flaming beyond
mounds and spires and ruins of old
Summons waves of blistering heat,
sears thru the landscape as ancient forebode

Reek the weak that lurk in the dark
Feeble the creatures that hide from the light

Colour and splendour, disease and decaying,
Shrieking and ringing and crawling insane,
Rabbles exotic to stranger gods praying,
Jumbles of odour that stifle the brain.*

Ruins forgotten and wreckage and bane
Echoes of voices that hide in the shades

Ruins forgotten and wreckage and bane
In the rotten waste only the charioteer rides

*["The Cats", H.P. Lovecraft]
Track Name: A Philosopher's Crown
Lone in the meadows
A wind stirs the laurel trees
where two springs await

Waters of wisdom
flow down the silent streams of
rivers of yore

remembrance's bound to
the drink from the Mnemonic
source of arrogance

In my hands I raise
the waters from the Lethe
and a sip I take

The laughter of the
Naiades I hear, swirling
as I'm washed and wiped

Ephemeral the threads
of liquid that escape my
grasp - as ideas depart.

Careless, epicene.
My wreath's woven by thoughts,
Crowned by naught I am
Track Name: Obnubilum
Sleep doth greet with open gates
to the dreamer when the skies' the stars amiss
he who soughtes for their companie
As dawn fades them from the heavens

Past the portal of the fleshes
to welkin's empyrean sanctuaries
Seeds of songs unsung
blossom in the wanderer's ears
and the hallowed invitation
comes deep from a labyrinth
Wash'd by wonder heads the dreamer
where the unknown music leads


Who are you, who are like clouds?
Of veering form, vaporous shape
Clad in the light of a thousand gems
Twist'd as thorns and oaken boughs

Nos sumus radices et vos rami,
fructus viventis oculi,
et nos umbra in illo fuimus

Twelve gates in an hexaedric choros
a maze of polyhedra bent into hyperboles,
in defiance to the threads of matter
a bathos to reality in it's pathetic form

The unresting piping calls forth madness
Awoken from depths of the mind
A host of voices of awful majesty
redeem the sane from he who hearken

O homo fragilis,
et cinis cineris,
et putredo putredinis
Tenebrae te obnubilant,
(nos) eas purgemus!
Assuescendum est tibi umbris.

Oh thou monstrous being, of vulgar light
that casts ill shades
Curst be your debauched plane
thy tongue of vernacular craze

Aspere est contra carnem pugnare
noli reniti tenebris!
vide proin flectere animum

Quare tam flebilis es
contra hunc insanum deum?
eius in aulis ganit
obscura scientia animus

Oh most glorious being, of pristine birth
My gaze's no longer clouded by the shades
and when the mind is raped and flesh decays
what's left but to look up, meet your gaze
embrace the folly as reason fades
And arise in rapture

et exstasi oriris
summas ad aulas

[Excerpts in Latin from Hildegard von Bingen's
Ordo Virtutum. All other translations done by
Markheim (whom our endless thanks go to)]